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Domainnames and Webhosting

Why IDN Will Change the Internet.

The Internet today is undeniably global, but it began in the United States and its foundations were laid in English.

All domain names for over 30 years have been made exclusively out of the English alphabet,hyphens,and numbers.

Every domain! Convenient for native English speakers,but that's less than 10% of the world's population.

The language barrier has been one of the few factors limiting growth of the Internet.

What is an IDN?

An internationalized domain name (IDN) is an Internet domain name that contains characters outside of the English alphabet,for example from languages like Arabic,Hebrew,Chinese,and many others.

IDN's are creating an opportunity for everyone in the world,regardless of language or location,to be able to access the Internet in their native language.

So what is an IDN? It’s how we’re making a global Internet LOCAL.

If you believe in the power of .WS IDN,share the word and be rewarded! If you join the affiliate program,for $10 a month GDI pays 10% commission on all domain purchases by a referral.

GDI also pays 10% commission on all domain purchases by someone your referral refers,and so on,down through five levels (a total 50% payout).

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